January 31, 2017
January 31, 2017


GAU “Georgian Association of Ultrasound”

Joined EFSUMB 2017


Article 1. General provisions

  • “Georgian Association of Ultrasound” (hereinafter referred as- Association) is a research workers organization, registered under applicable legislation of Georgia as non-entrepreneurial non-commercial legal entity.
  • Full name of Association : ” Georgian Association of Ultrasound” (GAU).
  • Association carries out its activities under constitution of Georgia, international agreements and consents of Georgia, and other normative acts and this charter.
  • Association self-determined implements its objectives and responsibilities.
  • Association has free balance, bank account, seal and other company details of legal entity.
  • Legal address of the Association: 60 Shalva Nutsubidze, apt 13, Tbilisi city
  • Association 's E-mail:


Article 2. Tasks and objectives

2.1 Tasks of the Association:

2.1.1 Introduction and growth of present-day developments of ultrasound examinations

2.1.2 Medical service quality increase in the mentioned field

2.1.3 Co-operation with international organizations

2.1.4 Conduction/introduction of screening examinations

2.1.5 Examinations compliance with up-to-date standards


2.2 In the service of its aims, Association:

2.2.1 Takes part in regional and international scientific conferences and holds seminars, congresses and conferences.

2.2.2 Conducts ultrasonic examinations under international protocols.

2.2.3 Gives access to accepted at international level decisions/recommendations and its familiarization to relevant representatives.

2.2.4 Gives access to conduct ultrasonic examinations using contrast agent.


Article 3. Regulatory body of the Association

3.1 Regulatory body of the Association is a general council of founders, which consisting of founding members of the Association.


  • 8 Elene Gotsiridze- (personal number 01008024559), address: 60 Shalva Nutsubidze, apt 13, Tbilisi. Georgia

3.1.1 E-mail:

3.1.2 Nino Gonadze  (Personal number- 01033000031), address: 67 Saburtalo street, apt.5, Tbilisi. Georgia


Article 4. President of the Association

4.1 President can be appointed and dismissed by the general council of founders. President’s terms of office determined by the general council of founders. On expiry of the term, president performs duties until appointing a new president .

4.2 Present is a designated person for  management and representation of the Association. President can have a deputy, who he can be appointed and dismissed under decision of the general council of founders.



Article 5. Responsibilities of the President of the Association



5.1 President of the Association

5.1.1 Exercises administration;

5.1.2 Coordinate activity of the Association;

5.1.3 Acts on behalf of the Association with the third persons and concludes agreements under his rights frameworks;

5.1.4 Issues an ordinance, in order to implement rights under legislation of Georgia and charter;

5.1.8 To later that 1 February of each year, renders an  annual statement about activity of the Association to the  general council of founders;

5.1.9 implement other rights,  prescribed by the legislation of Georgia and  college charter.


Article 6. The  general council of founders

6.1 General council of founders is a highest management body of the Association;

6.2 General council of founders examines and makes decisions upon the following issues:

6.2.1 Certification of the charter of Association and its amendment;

6.2.2 Association incorporation, separating, re-organization and liquidation;

6.2.3 Establishment and liquidation of the branch(es) of the Association;

6.2.4 Appointment and dismissal of the President of the Association;

6.2.5 Prescribed under law other issues.


Article 7. Sponsorship of the Association

7.1 Association’s budget source can be:

7.1.1 Cash and non-cash payments carried out by the founder(s);

7.1.2 Other income, allowed by law.


Article 8. Re-organization and liquidation of the Association

8.1 Re-organization and liquidation of the Association

 can be implemented according to established procedure by law.

Founders and theirs signatures:





President - Elene Gotsiridze- (personal number 01008024559), Delegate to EFSUMB


Address: 60 Shalva Nutsubidze, apt 13, Tbilisi, Georgia



Scientific Secretary - Nino Gonadze  (Personal number- 01033000031)



Address: 67 Saburtalo street, apt.5, Tbilisi, Georgia


TreasurerSophio Jojua

(personal number 01020009147),


Address: Chkhikvadze str. #3

Tbilisi, Georgia










Ministry   of   Justice    of   Georgia

LEPL     National     Agency     of    Public     Registry

Extract   from  registry  of  entrepreneur   and  non  entrepreneurial   (non commercial) legal  entities

Registration  number  of  application,  date  of   preparation:     B 16146665,  25 / 10/ 2016   15 : 17: 00


Firm   denomination:         Georgian Association of Ultrasound

Juridical   form:                   Non  entrepreneurial   (non commercial) legal  entity

Identification   number :    405172575

Registration  number, date:   25/10/2016

Registering    authority:       LEPL Public Service National Agency

Juridical   address:               Georgia, city Tbilisi,  Vake- Saburtalo  district, Shalva Nutsubidze str.60, apt.43

Additional information

E-mail:                                    gotsiridze.elene@gmailcom

Responsible person for the reality of additional information is the person giving the information. 


Information  about  liquidation / reorganization/ of continuity of  insolvency  process 

Is   not   registered

Governing board

  • Founding members general council

Direction / representation

President – 01008024559, Elene Gotsiridze

Seizure/ interdiction: 

Is   not  registered

Tax   mortgage / right  of  hypothecs: 

Is   not   registered

Mortgage  on   movable   things   and   non material  property  asset  /  right  of  leasing :

Is   not   registered

Debtor’s  registry

Is  not  registered

  • It is possible  the  verification of the document  authenticity  on  official  web –page www. napr., gov. ge
  • It is possible  the  getting of the extract on web- page www. napr. gov. ge, at  any  territorial  registration  service, in Public  Service  hall  and  with  the  authorized  person  of the  agency;
  • In case of  detecting the  technical  error  in  extract  you  can  contact  to us; 2 405405 or you  can personally   fill  the  application  on web- page ;
  • It is possible  the  getting  of  the consultation  on hot line  of  Public   Service  Hall :  2 405405;
  • From the side   of  the  employees   of   the  public  registry   you  can contact  to  us:     08 009 009 09
  • With the communication  of  any  question  interesting   for  you,   you can  write to us by electronic mail:  info@napr. gov. ge


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