Future EFSUMB Webinar Events

EFSUMB has introduced educational webinars on various topics related to ultrasound.

Please use this page for information on one of our EFSUMB WEBINAR LIVE BROADCASTS. The next one is Elasto Small Parts (1) on 25 March 18.00 CET and once you have supplied your details an email with connection information will be sent out before the event takes place.



1 CME Credit is available for this event with additional credit available on passing an associated quiz

  • This webinar will be offered free of charge.
  • Participation at the webinar is limited to a maximum of 500 participants.
  • Online registration will be closed upon reaching the maximum numbers of participants.
  • Early registration is recommended and EFSUMB looks forward to your understanding technically no additional places can be offered once the limit is reached.
  • Please register for this event using the link above once available.
  • WFUMB/EFSUMB Webinar is provided using Gotomeeting online software.


Elasto Small Parts 1

Chair: Adrian Saftoiu
Presenter: Vito Cantisan - Thyroid
Presenter: Viorela Enachescu - Breast
Presenter: Jean-Michel Correas - Prostate
Presenter: Adrain Saftoiu - Pancreas

Event Speakers

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